Thursday, 31 July 2014

JP team Personal Facebook Page

Hello guys!

As most of you know, our Facebook page is

This is where we post official news and updates of our company. Our team has created their own individual Facebook page, which allows you to connect with us in a more personal way. From there you will find out more about us and what we do. Start adding us and post questions on our wall! 

Over time, more of our team will be creating their personal Facebook pages.
- Paul is often travelling over the world, meeting diamond cutters. He is stationed out of Singapore most of the time. He is the key person in setting the diamond standard in JannPaul, which is now well known to be the JP Super Ideal Cut. 

Any questions pertaining to cut quality, Paul is the right man to speak to!

- Jann runs the daily operation of JannPaul. His secondary role in the team involves the creativity department.
 If you want to create your own story in your ring design, Jann is the best person to start with!


- Casey is in charge of any new acquisition of technological equipment in the company. In addition, being an extremely organized person, Casey plans the logistic operations and sets the standard in customer service.

For any special or urgent requests, look for Casey!


- Our diamond and ring videos are created by Jerome. He understands the uniqueness of each of our Signature diamond cuts and how their individual characteristics can be brought out. 

If you’re undecided on which diamond cut to get, Jerome will be happy to guide you!

- The geek of the company! Every new diamond cut goes through his hands. 

The studious nerd in him will evaluate each and every facet of how they will affect light return, fire and scintillation.

If you’re as analytical and detailed as Sam, he will be your best buddy!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

JannPaul Diamonds Everything Brellia

The brellia has always been my favorite diamond all time. I still remember the day when i held the first prototype on my hands. To me, it was probably the same feeling people got when they first saw the first rocket launch into space!

Unlike any other cut, the brellia possesses everything anyone can ask for:

1. The X-factor
Cushion. Hearts and Arrows. Need I say more?

The sheer brightness of the brellia even surpasses most rounds. It was made to show have such high brightness to enhance the whiteness and hence emphasize on the arrows.. Afterall, it's a cushion hearts and arrows! Show it off people 

This the department where everyone loves the brellia. The pavilions(arrows) are designed fatter to create large bold flashes of fire that people love to see from that distance.

Since the brellia is designed at the 57 facet mark just like rounds, it retains that balanced scintillation. It isn't made to be a gimmick. It's made to be balanced, perfect!

Till this day, the Brellia never fails to bore me! Always cute, always fashionable, you'll fall in love with this baby once you see it! Remember to always check it out even if your heart is set on a round!